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The Purple Martin Press, LLC was founded by Peter Kayafas in 2007 to publish photography books.

Stephen Hilger: In the Alley Essay by Matthew Specktor
Conversation with James Welling
Purple Martin Press, 2023
New York
9.5 x 6.75 inches, Leporello-bound hardcover, with pamphlet insert
64 pages, 22 color photographs
ISBN 978-0-9797768-5-4
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IN THE ALLEY presents Stephen Hilger’s panoramic color photographs of service passageways behind private residences in the affluent suburb of Beverly Hills, California. Hilger depicts an anomalous view, exposing the physical and symbolic characteristics of the backsides of these homes. The publication features 22 reproductions in a leporello-folded format, providing a page-by-page viewing experience or the display of an unfolded 37 foot-long book-object. Accompanying the photographs is an essay by novelist Matthew Specktor which maps out the significance of these alleyways within a framework of personal histories and Hollywood stories as well as the transcript of a conversation between Hilger and James Welling in which they discuss their respective photographic practices.

“Stephen Hilger’s photographs reveal back alleys where the secrets are kept in bright daylight if you know to go looking for them.”

— Jonathan Lethem
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