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The Purple Martin Press, LLC was founded by Peter Kayafas in 2007 to publish photography books.

Two Views of Cuba:
Photographs by
Lou Jones and Peter Kayafas
(Exhibition Catalogue)
Lincoln, Massachusetts
DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, 2002
8.5 x 9.5 inches, paper
32 pages
9 full-color reproductions
9 black & white reproductions
LCCN 2001096810
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Published for the occasion of the exhibition of the same title, Two Views of Cuba, is a catalogue of photographs by Kayafas and Lou Jones from their respective trips to Cuba.

From his essay in the catalogue, Kayafas writes: “While the spirit of the Cuban people has been fortified by their ongoing struggle against alien and internal tyranny, their ingenuity lies in their ability to make do with and learn from what they have at their disposal. If convenience is the death of creativity, then the Cuban people are vitally creative. This instilled character, tempered and empowered by the aptitude of the State educational system (perhaps Castro’s greatest accomplishment), is the salvation of Cuban culture today. There is no material opportunity to speak of in Cuba; it is their education, the music, the dance, the art, and the struggle against blind complacency for oppression that is the wealth of the Cuban people.

I’d like to think that my respect for the people of Cuba is manifest in these photographs and that ultimately they embody some semblance of the Cubans’ spirit and function as an homage to the vitality of their culture.”

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